<b>Texas Residents MUST Read before ordering
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Texas Residents MUST Read before ordering

Texas Residents:
Re: SB97 Texas Law - Active Oct.1st, 2015

To Our Texas Residents.
With the passage of Texas SB97 enacted into law as of Oct 1st, 2015, you are required to supply to us a signed form filled out plus a photo of your government ID so we may validate you are of age (18 or more) to purchase eliquids from us,.

Please print out this form by going to here

Please print out form and take a photo with your phone and a pic of your drivers license and attach both files to an email and send it to us, This should only take a couple of minutes for most of you to do.

You only need to do this one time and we will keep it on file for future purchases. We will respond to your email and let you know we received it.
Thank you!